Top tips to follow before considering verruca removal!
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A verruca is a sort of wart that occurs on the bottom of the foot. It's very like the basic wart and is painful. The warts are circular in shape and is raised slightly, difficult on the eyes. The surrounding skin resembles a thickened rim which takes after a callus. Here are some tips that will be the best treatment for verrucas.

Leave it

If your plantar wart isn't causing any trouble, it is best to allow it leave. Commonly, warts tumble off without any wart removal treatment.

Banana peel

This is a shockingly successful people solution for verruca removal and can be utilized for a youngster as well. Apply within a banana peel on the wart. Cut the banana skin and place it on wart and cover it with a bandage. You will see a difference within a week.

Apple cider vinegar

Apply some apple juice vinegar on the wart. Give it a chance to air dry. Rehash application a few times each day for 2-3 weeks or until the point that the verruca falls off from the root.

Aloe vera

Cut an aloe vera leaf and put the fleshy part on the verruca. Cover it up with a wrap. Do this day by day for a week or until the point that wart fall off.

Consider these home remedies as the best treatment for verrucas.

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